AMM Incorporated

811 Hamilton St

Portage Wisconsin 53901



We can help bring your ideas to life. Using Solidworks we can create 3D models from which drawings and geometry can be used to make parts and assemblies. We can take your ideas from concept to reality.


We offer a full range of machining capabilities including: sawing, grinding, drilling, boring, reaming, honing, balancing, knurling, CNC and manual turning, CNC and manual vertical and horizontal milling, sanding, surface grinding, broaching, threading and tapping.


We provide full fabrication capabilities including: mechanical, flame and plasma cutting, shearing, bending, rolling, pressing, tube bending, hot and cold fitting, MIG and TIG welding (stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum), brazing, soldering, media blasting, painting, grinding and polishing and electrical and mechanical assembly.

Water jet Cutting

Waterjet cutting offers single pass, precision shaped cuts on parts up to 6” thick with no heat affected zone, thermal stress, hardening or annealing in the cut area. The great flexibility and precision of the water jet minimize the need for expensive tooling or tooling changeovers.

Our large 10' x 12' bed with high pressure, multiple cutting heads economically produces large parts.

The exceptional edge quality of a water jet cut piece often requires no additional finishing.

Materials cut include (but are not limited to): aluminum, brass, carbon fiber, cardboard, carpet, ceramic, composites, concrete, copper, cork, foam, glass (not tempered), glass reinforced composites, granite, graphite, hastelloy, inconel, laminates, marble, nylon, paper, phenolics, plastics, plexiglass, polycarbonate, polyurethane, rubber, stainless steel, steel, steel alloys, stone, tile, titanium, wax and wood.

*Reflective, conductive and nonconductive materials are cut with equal ease.